"ANNOUNCING...Naturel Spa - A Maintenance-Free Formula for a Safe, Crystal Clear Spa That Virtually ELIMINATES Regular Testing, Chemical Balancing, Shock Treatments and Toxic Spa Chemicals"


Naturel Spa


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Naturel Spa - Keep your spa safe, clean, and crystal-clear with NO TOXIC CHEMICALS. "Hands off" all natural spa maintenance with virtually NO chemical balancing, regular testing or shock treatments!




Best Value and Most Popular Package

Naturel Spa, 4-Pack, Four 16-oz. Bottles

12% savings over individually ordered bottles!



Citri-Clean - Eliminate scale, corrosion and buildup from previous chemicals used without attacking the metal, plastics, or acrylic of your spa. NO scrubbing or scraping. So safe you can use your spa while Citri-Clean is doing its job!
Note: Citri-Clean cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawai. Citri-Clean can only be shipped Ground Mail.



First-time Buyer? Save 12%!

Naturel Spa Starter Kit, 20 oz. of Citri-Clean and 16-oz. Bottle of Naturel Spa

A 1-2-punch for a healthy spa.

  • Eliminate scale, corrosion and chemical buildup in your spa caused by chemicals used in the past with Citri-Clean.
  • Then keep it clean, safe and crystal-clear with Naturel Spa.



Combo 4-Pack, One 20-oz bottle of Citri-Clean and three 16-oz. bottles of Naturel Spa

12% savings over individually ordered bottles!







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